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Cheryl Bodnar    Artist  

To Paint...

A Passion

A Fire Lit fromWithin

Absorbed in a World of Solitude

Time Ebbs gently

Awaken to Reality

My Emotion Sated.....                               Poem by Cheryl Bodnar

I was born and raised in Saskatchewan but have lived in the Vancouver area since 1986.

I have always known that I would paint but I never had the time nor the opportunity to start painting until a bit later in life. During my career as Mother, ICU Nurse and Nurse Educator, I worked on my Art whenever I could. 

Most of my inspiration comes directly from nature and the world around me, clouds in skies, children at the beach, something catches my interest and lights a spark in me.

Painting in solitude seems to work best for me. I find I become absorbed in my work and can almost disappear in quietness for as long as that lasts.My process usually involves a quick thumbnail sketch and sometimes a quick study to get my color scheme. I have spent many hours in lessons with very exceptional mentors.

I am an Active Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists.